Project: MaisonDeLuxe

Website: http://www.maisondeluxe.gr/

Date: 2012

Maison De Luxe is a commercial company that gathers the expertise of VERTICAL company

Maison De Luxe is a commercial company based in Greece that gathers the expertise and know-hose of the key partners of VERTICAL company, which the latter remains only as a manufacturer of high quality window frames and also adds to its product’s collection and other materials for modern houses.

The aim of the company is to offer the best quality of its products and services. Maison De Luxe has experienced many projects of high architectural requirements from the past under VERTICAL’S brand name. The company designs and implements special constructions for every project and also studies and gives solutions to many constructive demands. In addition, it trades and imports all over the world the highest quality products and it implements them to each project.

Maison De Luxe is collaborating with the best companies in the European market: SCHÜCO, WA.LOR, OIKOS, PALLADIO, NEW DESIGN PORTE, LUALDI. We designed and developed the website for Maison De Luxe in proffesional way where their customers can easy navigate in their project.