GXP SHOP is an all-in-one e-commerce solution for businesses. We offer a complete solution (including hosting and free updates) for a monthly or annual fee.

Our webshop is fast and easy to use, responsive and can easily be customized. The intuitive user interface allows even non technical people to easily use the platform.

Situation reporter

Situation reporter is a complete solution for reporting incidents. The system is ideal for situations where employees need to report a specific situation on site and eventually provide pictures.

The system is a complete solution which can be accessed through a normal desktop computer or a smartphone.

Sushi complete system

SushiShop is a complete professional solution designed for sushi restaurants. The web based interface allows customers to browse through the menu and place an order. On the main system the orders are received and can be viewed.

Our solution only requires the main server, this means that no other devices are needed, customers can use it through their own smartphone.

It is also possible to connect the system on your website and allow customers to place orders through it.

The device can be used both on a touchscreen or using a keyboard and mouse.